AP Classes & Exams

Our Expertise

Calculus AB & BC, Physics B & C, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics,
Micro & Macro Economics, Latin, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, US History, World History, US Government and Politics

AP Subject Help

During the summer and throughout the year, many students come to us for help either preparing to take an AP class in the fall or wanting to do well in such class during the year. We customize this AP subject help for each student.

For students who need extra help to get ahead, we can offer special summer series. During the summer, we can meet with the students up to three times per week for several weeks based on availability and the student’s summer schedule. We also can plan for similar series for small groups.

For students who want to stay ahead, we recommend to meet with the students on a weekly basis. Most often, students taking AP classes might need extra help to do well with quizzes and tests. Tutors can tailor each session to maximize the student’s learning and mastery in the subject area.

AP Exam Preparation

Preparation for AP Exams usually starts by early April. We recommend that students begin weekly tutoring 3 to 4 weeks before the test date. Students have the options of meeting with our tutors one-on-one or in a small group for intensive review (if available). 

AP Exam Weeks:    May 1 to 12, 2017

Please go to the following link for more detail:

Collegeboard 2017 AP Exam Dates