Our Track Record

* Our tutors care about your child

* We build trust with parents and students

* We recruit new students from referrals

We Care About Your Child

      We select specially talented tutors to work with your child, not just because they are proficient, but because we know that the ones we are recommending really care about your child. Each child is unique in his or her ability to learn. Our tutors build a professional tutor-to-student relationship to create an environment in which your child will thrive. Obviously, relationships like these require time to build. However, each of our highly-recommended tutors knows how important it is to build a strong relationship with the students and what it takes to do so. We care about our students' next test results, next homework assignment, and next year's classes. Ultimately, we care about where our students are heading in terms of career and college admission!

We Build Trust with Parents and Students

     It is often said, "It takes a village to educate a child." We strongly believe that our tutors are an integral part of the success of your child's education. Therefore, we emphasize the need to communicate with the child's teachers and with the parents as well as any other influential members of the household. Throughout the years, our experience has informed us that it is a win-win formula to work well not only with the student, but also with the parents, and any individuals who play a significant role in the child's education. We provide honest feedback not only to our students, but also to their parents. The impact of this trust building process is most likely the reason why some of our students have surpassed our expectations in terms of learning and test performance.

Their Trust Generates New Referrals

    Our students and their parents trust us because we were capable of delivering what they are asking for. Many are so satisfied that they provide us with new referrals. More than half of our current students and parents recommend us to new students. It is not unusual for us to receive new referrals from students and parents who worked with us several years prior!