More On Who We Are

* Excellent  track record 

* Master's or higher degrees 

* Matching a tutor to your child 

Excellent Track Record

       Any tutor we recommended for your child will have over 15 years of professional tutoring experience in his or her respective areas of expertise. We do not recommend anyone as a tutor until we are confident in his or her level of proficiency and track record. The tutors who have earned our recommendation are kept busy and many of the parents ask for them by name. Not only are they capable of working with students at a variety of performance levels, they are able to effectively serve students with unique learning styles and those with learning disabilities.

Master's or Higher Degrees

     We team up with professional tutors not only with excellent track records, but those with advanced degrees in their particular areas of expertise. We understand that today's parents are looking for the best available tutors to work with their children and there is no doubts regarding our tutors' core competencies. They are 100% solid within their own areas of study. We trust their abilities and we highly recommend them to our students.

Matching Tutors to Students

       For each and every new student,  we not only customize the tutoring service, but also match him or her with the best available tutor. To make this determination, we consult with both the parents and the prospective student to determine his or her needs, weaknesses, learning style and other factors. Once our analysis is completed, we recommend the best tutor who would then customize the tutoring series for the new student.