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SAT & ACT Prep

We pair each student with a skilled tutor, tailoring their preparation to optimize individual test performance. By identifying and addressing mistakes, we guide them to surpass expectations and reach their full potential.

Honors, AP and College Level Subject Areas

Calculus AB & BC, Physics B & C, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Micro & Macro Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Latin, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, US History, World History, US Government and Politics.

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Honors & AP Subject Help

During the summer and throughout the year, many students come to us for help either preparing to take an AP or honors class in the fall, or simply wanting to do better in such a class during the year.

For students who need extra help to get ahead, we offer special summer series. During the summer, we are able meet with the students up to three times per week for several weeks based on availability and the student’s summer schedule. We are also able to plan similar series for small groups.

For those who want to stay ahead, we recommend meeting on a weekly basis. Most often, students taking such intensive classes might need extra help to improve their ability to take quizzes and tests. The tutor will tailor each session to maximize the student’s learning and mastery in the subject area.

Customized Assistance
Summer & Weekly Support
Personalized Support

We customize the specific subject help for each student catering to his or her needs.

Academic Adjustment

Some college students who are adjusting to the pace of college life would be benefited from extra help in managing their college courses.

AP Exam Preparation

For students interested in earning a perfect “5” on the AP exam, preparation for AP exams usually needs to start by early April. We recommend that students begin weekly tutoring 3 to 4 weeks before the test date. Students have the option of meeting with a tutor one-on-one or in a small group setting for intensive review (subject to availability).

College Classes

Some college students who are adjusting to the pace of college life would be benefited from extra help in managing their college courses. We can help these students to develop the time-management skills that are necessary for college success. We can also help students to prepare for exams and complete their homework assignments and term projects more effectively.

Post Graduate Exams

We understand that our students have great aspirations in terms of their post-college career. We want to be there every step of the way. We are now offering customized tutoring and training to help them to prepare for graduate entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT, and MCAT. In addition, for those who are seeking high standards in their business/finance careers, we can also help them to prepare for CPA and CFA exams.

In most cases, it would take significant effort and time for these students who are faced with lots of schoolwork or new job situations while they are preparing for these exams. Our best contribution is to help them to minimize both effort and time by working with them side by side in managing the preparation work. Most students who went through these preparations told us that we made a significant difference in helping them pass these exams!

Customized Tutoring & Training
Help Manage Prep Work
Personalized Support

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