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We offer exceptional tutoring services for SAT, ACT, AP exam preparation that are tailored to your child’s needs.

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We offer a wide range of tutoring services encompassing SAT, ACT and AP test preparation. Our dedicated team of educators is here to help students excel in their academic journey.


We offer tailored SAT preparation, including personalized one-on-one tutoring, small group classes, and strategic guidance.


We excel in ACT test preparation, matching students with the most suitable tutors to address their unique strengths and weaknesses


For optimal preparation, we start a year in advance, offering customized summer sessions, expert tutoring, and ongoing support to ensure excellent grades.

We Help Students To Get Their Best SAT Scores

                Preparing for the SAT test is not simple. Students tend to start preparing for the exam a few weeks in advance. In general, it is better for a student to work with an expert level tutor on a one-on-one basis rather than to simply take a class. If a parent or student insists on taking a class, we recommend forming a small study group of like-minded students for the class.

                We offer customized one-on-one expert-level tutoring as well as small group classes. We work with the parents to organize a weekly schedule for each student. For most students, the optimum starting time for preparation would be 6 to 8 weeks prior to the SAT test date. For parents and students who are more proactive in planning, we advise them to consider having the students take the SAT test multiple times in order to earn the best possible score. Most students tend to improve their SAT scores the more times they take the test.

                Our SAT preparation strategy is very simple: We match each new student with the best available tutor and customize the tutoring series to the student’s particular needs. We focus on our assessment of each student on the areas of need that can lead to the quickest improvement, using a combination of teaching, training and coaching techniques to do so. We monitor the student’s progress by offering regular in-session practice exercises as well as full-length practice tests. Then, just prior to each SAT test date, we help each student to customize his or her own unique test taking strategy to maximize test performance.

We Help Students To Get Their Best ACT Scores

                 Our expertise in test preparation extends beyond the SAT. For students who prefer the ACT over SAT, our track record is just as successful in terms of helping improving their performance. As in the case with SAT tutoring, we match each student with the best available tutor, assess the student for strengths and weaknesses, and customize each tutoring series to maximize that particular student’s ACT performance.

                As experts in standardized test taking, we recognize that students might struggle with some unique features of the ACT test. For those who struggle with the pace and/or the emphasis on science questions, for example, we adjust our techniques so that they gain the necessary skills to answer such questions more quickly and accurately.

We Help Students To Get Their Best AP Grades & Exam Scores

              AP exam preparation ideally starts a year prior to the exam, during the summer before the student even enters into his or her particular AP class. We customize each summer through one-on-one meetings or with a small group of friends who plan to take the same AP class in the fall. Each AP tutor is an expert in the particular area of study in question. To help our students to thrive in both their AP classes throughout the year and their AP exams in May, we are proactive by providing in-dept teaching and intensive practices in key areas during the summer.

              We understand that some parents and students are concerned with the student’s GPA, particularly his or her AP class grades. If needed, we can provide on-going support throughout the year to ensure that they are earning excellent grades and maximizing their learning in their AP classes.

              Preparation for AP exams usually starts by early April. We recommend that students begin weekly tutoring 3 to 4 weeks before the test date. Students have the option of meeting with a tutor one-on-one or in a small group for intensive review (subject to availability). We offer effective practice sessions utilizing recently administered real-life AP exams as well as in-dept review of pertinent topics. Students tend to do well when they are given ample practice using real AP exam questions along with good coaching and training techniques from our expert tutors.

We Help Students To Get Their
Best AP Grades & Exam Scores

                AP exam preparation ideally starts a year prior to the exam, during the summer before the student even enters into his or her particular AP class.

Practice Tests

We offer ways to make an informed decision, relying on the student's strengths.

Which college admission exams should be taken?

                Well, it’s complicated! First of all, SAT or ACT general exams are equally acceptable to most colleges and universities. It’s an issue of preference for the students and parents involved. Some students are better off taking the SAT while others excel with the ACT. Other families have a tradition of taking one test rather than the other. For the undecided, we can offer full-length practice tests for either or both tests to help them to make the proper decision.

                For high ranking colleges and universities, AP exam scores are additional tools to help them to select the best candidates for the next year’s admission. These schools would consider both the AP class grades and AP exam scores if they are available.

                Please consult your local college counselors and college admission coaches for more specific advice regarding college admission exam and score requirements for specific colleges and universities.

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